Construction Safety Manuals Custom Made For Your Company

Custom construction safety manuals meet the requirements of State, Federal, and Provincial safety regulators — including OSHA and OHS — that require you to have a series of health and safety policies tailored to the hazards of your workplace. Your custom construction safety manual contains 14 standard, required chapters plus your specifically-chosen additional chapters covering company safety policies, procedures, protective gear, hazard assessment, safety committees, and more. With a professional three-ring binder customized with your company’s name and logo, present your company’s safety policies in a polished and accessible manner — plus with the included CD, make additional copies as needed.

  • Get a 100% turn-key solution for your safety policy documentation
  • Customize with your company name and logo
  • Fulfill OSHA & OHS requirements for your safety program
  • Access your documentation through a professional, printed binder; or through the included CD

Oil & Gas Safety — Customized Industry Solutions

Benefits of OSHA-Complient Safety Training

  • Comprehensive Safety Program
  • Reduce workplace accidents
  • Retain more productive & satisfied workforce
  • Lower workers’ compensation premiums
  • Easily access documentation