About Green Helix, Inc.

Green Helix, Inc. is a commercial construction company and consulting firm based in Corpus Christi, Texas.  We’re a South Texas company with over 25 years of experinece in project management.  Green Helix, Inc. has managed successful projects in petro-chemical, universities, hospitals, retail outlets and custom homes.

Sustainable Practices

Founded in 2011, Green Helix, Inc. is progressive company that focuses on green and sustainable practices.  From energy-efficient construction to helping companies minimize their carbon print in operations, Green Helix, Inc. is here to help you manage every aspect of your project.

Giving Back

Green Helix, Inc. commits a percentage of our profits to supporting our local community in greater South Texas.  Through every project, we support green technology development and women entrepreneurs.

Our Founder

Green Helix, Inc. is founded by Noe Morin, President and Operations Director.  Noe is a professional with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a broad background in construction.  He is a local, highly successful, Facilities UAS Operations Manager with over 25 years of experience in all phases of facilities modifications/infrastructure.

Noe has working experience and provided oversight for all phases of UAS, Drones, IT and facilities construction required specifically with the State of Texas and according to Texas A&M University Systems (TAMUS) rules. Experience in Planning, Scheduling, IT, Safety Health Environmental (SHE), Cost Effect/Budget/Control, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Estimating (RSMeans) & overseeing contracts. Experienced working Facilities, Project, Green & Renewable Energy Management and Petro-Chemical Industry in Corpus Christi & Houston.

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